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About art.sehn

My name is Arthur Sehn
– hence the company name art.sehn
I have worked as teacher in different educational projects for grown ups, teaching manly languages and history, later on even computers and design for print and Internet. At present I work as a freelance with web design, mainly connected to education, travel and culture.

In later years I have participated in several international projects covering different areas but always in touch with different forms of communication.

In my work with web design I constantly benefit from all my previous experiences, including studies of art and history. I try to focus on clear communication with the viewer/reader, user-friendliness and try to combine them with clear and pure graphic design.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden but travel a lot and work over Internet. Distance is not a problem this days

Juan Carlos Reyes- I has previously worked as computer teacher and it gave me great opportunities to develop my creative side. I have led courses in computer science since 1997. Data base for beginners, ECDL Computer Driving License. Imaging with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

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Tove Bergquist or Ewa Lantz
Swedish educational society:
ABF Stockholm
+46-8-453 41 00 ,

Carina Wahlund Järvi
Elvira kunskapsutveckling AB
Tel: 08- 411 55 00,
Mob: 070- 521 55 20

Kaska Krosny
East of West Film AB

Ewa Nowicka,
Travel Agency Orbis Resor,
+46-8-441 71 90,

Ewa Melin,
International projects
Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola, +46-8-679 28 00,

Gunilla Waldau,
Musikskolan Lilla Akademien,
tel. 08-33 96 00,

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