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A good web site requires skills from different fields such as design, computer techniques, communication, and languages. I can provide much of these skills myself and for the gaps I rely on several of my partners, or if you wish, I can simply work together with your staff or associates. With the right team involved my role will gradually evolve into the leader of a web project and the responsible party to hold all the lose threads together.

With my expertise you can be sure that the product will be delivered or updated on time, with no unexpected delays or hidden costs. I pride myself on clear and up to date communication before, after and especially during the project.

The product itself will be a well functioning web site. The goal in the creative process will be to outline your needs, analyze the required details, build toward a structured result, and finally present it in a form that is easy to follow and comprehend by the visitor. The results will be better performance, increased sales, a more comprehensive result and a quality experience.

With your permission I will take care of all the steps involved in creating a new web site from scratch. Including registering an appropriate domain, finding an appropriate host suites your need, review your information material – texts, pictures, brochures, leaflets, and discuss with you the opportunities that a new web site will be able to bring to you.

Many do have a web site that functions well while others suffer from serious shortcomings such as out of date information, unclear and hard to navigate structure, wrong text, bad design and pictures. Others are overworked with to much emphasis on the technical side that the clear communications suffer. Even well designed sites need review as my expertise can find things that may not be immediately apparent to you.

If you already have a web site you may be wondering if it works properly. Given the opportunity I will take a look at it provide you a road map for improvements. Maybe the changes are slight but the return on is huge? Or maybe you are just beginning and need the help of an expert. Either way I am easy to talk to and willing to help.
Evaluation and diagnostics and once your site looks great I can help you take the steps needed for it to be found on Google? As well as help you to learn how many visitors are coming and from where.

Upon completion of a FREE initial consultation I will present you with a proposal for improvements with clear terms with dates and costs to get started. If you accept, I will take care of the details giving you all the tools and skills you need to help me succeed for you. Or if you prefer I can train you and your team in skills needed to make your website a success.

Remember me first when considering your web needs – with no costs or obligations you have everything to gain!

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